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Prepaid Funeral Plan With Wake Fund Package

The First UK Prepaid Funeral Plan To Include a Wake Funding Package

The First UK Prepaid Funeral Plan That Includes a Wake Fund Package.

Silver Choices, As a Leading UK Prepaid Funeral Plans Comparison website, has today launched the first exclusive prepaid funeral plan in the UK to include a fund that is paid to the next of kin of a funeral plan holder, to pay for the cost of a celebratory wake, that ensures that the family can properly celebrate the passing of their loved one.

The plan has is known as the PLUS plan and has all the benefits of a normal prepaid funeral plan, but in addition it includes the wake fund package and a full later in life planning review, which assists the plan holder with setting up a Will and a lasting power of attorney.

Funeral Plan PLUS Wake Fund.

The wake fund package has no limitations, it sits within the client prepayment funeral plan and grows in line with inflation. So if the funeral plan is taken out by the over 50’s and they then go on to live a long life, the wake fund, like the funeral plan fund, will have grown inline with the UK RPI and Guarantees to provide sufficient funding to cover the funeral, associated costs (Minus burial plot) and will deliver sufficiently to provide for a proper send off after the funeral. The wake fund has no conditions dictating how the money should be spent, the next of kin are free to choose to celebrate as they see fit. This can be at home with outside caterers, in a restaurant, pub, hotel or anywhere else that they choose. Knowing that the funds will be in place, allows for future planning of a wake and if additional elements like special food or venue are required, the family can choose to add to the fund at the time if they like.

Later In Life Planning Review Included.

In addition, within the prepaid funeral plan PLUS package, the plan holder receives an independent and confidential expert later in Life planning review. This includes guidance that helps with setting up or refreshing of a Will and Setting Up a Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA) and other aspects that may come to light during the review.

With the majority of people expected to live much longer lives comes additional issues, late onset health conditions like Strokes, Altzeimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia and many other mind effecting conditions or diseases, can leave anyone with mental health issues that mean they can no longer make decisions regarding our financial or legal affairs.

Arranging a Lasting Power Of Attorney protects both the plan holder, but also their spouse/partner and family. If a person is judged to no longer be of sound mind, then decision making without an LPA having been set up, will be provided in the UK by the court of protection. This can mean that access to bank accounts, savings accounts, pensions or making decisions on legal matter is taken out of the persons and their loved ones hands.

Establishing a Lasting Power of attorney provides a safety net, giving the nominated person (Usually the next of kin or the plan holders children), the ability to take over their Financial/Legal affairs. This enables loved ones to make the right decisions for that person, based upon understand what the person effected would have wanted. Simple things like withdrawing money to pay for care, can be painful and take weeks or even months, whilst a court decides if it is the right thing to do and this is not always done in the best interest of the person involved.

To find out more about the new and Exclusive Prepaid Funeral Plans PLUS package, simply go to our comparison website by clicking the above link, fill out the form and you will receive an information and UK funeral plans comparison presentation, with a complimentary copy of the UK Later In Life Planning Guide.

Planning ahead with prepaid funeral plans

Important points to consider when comparing UK prepaid funeral plans

Choosing a funeral plan is a difficult and often emotional decision, however, it is important to make the right choice to ensure that your wishes are carried out and there is sufficient funding available for your loved ones to carry out your wishes. There are a number of points that you should consider when taking advice on the best funeral plans.

Funeral plans have two distinct elements:

  • Firstly, the funeral director’s costs, which consists of limousines, the coffin and hearse, plus information and advice on how the service will be conducted, based upon your wishes. These costs are generally guaranteed so they will not rise through the term of the plan.
  • Secondly is the third party costs, which consists of cremation or burial fees, minister fees and any doctor’s costs incurred. It is important to note when making a prepaid funeral plans comparison, that some policies do not cover all third party costs, but offer an allowance.
With these two points in mind, there are a number of other considerations when considering how to choose the best funeral plan, and these are based upon your personal choices. In simple terms, the more you decide to pay, the more elaborate the service as all providers offer a number of packages and are happy to give advice on the best funeral plans.
With funeral director’s costs guaranteed, the only major differences will be the third party costs so when making a prepaid funeral plans comparison, make sure that you are getting the best financial deal available as this can increase with time. Some companies do offer a guarantee as stated earlier but this may affect the overall initial costs.
Other considerations that you may wish to make are the extra services offered by the levels of plans available. These can include items like bereavement support, thank you cards or a period of time for family viewing at the Chapel of Rest. These extra services are not necessarily included within all packages so you need to investigate them should you wish to have them included.
The final consideration when you are considering how to choose the best funeral plan, is payment. There are a number of options available to suit your personal needs.
  • One off payment – A single payment made at the beginning of the plan to cover all costs. These can be made by credit or debit card.
  • Pay within 12 months – Using this method allows you to spread the cost without incurring extra charges.
  • Monthly instalments – This is a long term commitment over a designated timescale. There are extra costs involved with this method which you need to consider but there is no initial large cash outlay. There is also the Fixed Monthly Plan option which is paid for life (or until 90th birthday). However, cover for services is payable after two years.
The main advantages of all these plans is that the services are guaranteed at today’s prices and the peace of mind that your needs will be met with the least possible impact on your family.
Good quality, advice is of vital importance when making considering any financial commitment so talking to the right people is important, as is getting the best deal for the cover you require. For information on how to choose the best funeral plan and to discuss your needs further, talk to  the later in life planning experts. Our professional staff are available to guide you through all aspects of this sensitive decision.

The New Rules – Releasing Pension Fund Cash – The Details Explained.

The changes in UK pension law which came into effect in April 2015, have given pension holders a far greater say in how their pensions are managed. It has also left a lot of people seeking pension release advice.
  • Is it for everybody
  • Do I need to do anything with my pension
  • What can I do with my pension
  • Will I benefit from any changes

The new Rules only apply Private or Workplace Pensions

Firstly, for those seeking pension release advice, the new rules only apply to private and workplace pensions. State pensions and state retirement ages remain the same. Although most providers have their own pension scheme rules, to be able to access your private or workplace retirement pot(s), you need to be 55 years or older to release pension funds. The only exception to this is if you are suffering from extremely poor health, and this definition will again depend on the provider’s pension scheme rules. There are companies offering ways to get round this, using off-shore accounts and international banks. They send out spam mail or emails entitled something like ‘How to Unlock my Pension’ and painting a picture of retirement at 40/50. These are illegal, and if things go wrong could cost you your retirement pot, stay safe and keep away.

Releasing Pension Fund Cash Options at 55

Once you reach the age of 55, you have a number of options available.
  • Leave your pension as is until you retire
  • Draw 25% of your pension pot tax free
  • Organise a flexible income for your retirement
  • Take smaller amounts from your pot
  • Close your account and draw your whole pension pot

When Would You leave your Pension as is

For many, paying their monthly contributions and leaving their pot to increase is all they want. Should finances be tight though, maybe shorter working hours or other debts, then the pot can be ‘capped.’ This releases the plan holder from further contributions, while the pot continues to accrue interest.

Draw 25% of your Pension Pot

Once you reach the age of 55 years, you can draw up to 25% of your pot as a tax-free lump sum, and convert the balance into a lifetime annuity. This will provide you with a regular taxable income for life. While you use the lump sum to pay off or reduce your mortgage, add an extension to your home, or have that holiday of a lifetime. Lifetime annuities differ from provider to provider, and an in depth guide to pension release should be sought from professional independent advisers.

Organise a Flexible Income

Organising a flexible income again allows a tax-free lump sum drawdown, but gives the option of you stating the retirement income you want, and re-investing the balance into various funds. With this type of scheme, a professional guide to pension release is of paramount importance as there is no guarantee of continuous lifetime income.

Using your Pension Pot as a Savings Account

Another option to release pension funds is drawing small amounts as and when needed. The first 25% of each withdrawal remains tax free, and the balance continuous to accumulate interest. However, much again depends on good pension release advice as the balance isn’t guaranteed to provide a regular income on retirement.

Take the Money and Run

The last option is releasing pension fund cash, draw all your pot, unless you’re in a very strong financial position, not necessarily the best of ideas. That said, making enquiries regarding how to unlock my pension is a good idea. Being able to release at least some funds can make retirement for many a much more attractive prospect. Mortgages can be paid off, debts reduced and funeral plans taken up to release pressure on family. If You would like to consider getting all the legalities out of the way first when you release your pension fund, ten companies such like the funeral plan comparisons experts at Silver Choices can provide a whole plethora of advice on all things financial, and point you in the direction of a more secure, happier retirement.
financial-planning-for-family protection

Smart as Opposed to Hard: Comparing Funeral Plans

It was reported in The Telegraph that the average cost of a BASIC funeral falls between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. There are two problems with this estimate. Firstly, many feel that this figure is more on the order of 5,000 pounds in 2015. Secondly, these prices do not take into account other metrics such as flowers, funeral director costs, the rental of a venue and any transportation needs. So, it is clear that there is a wide spectrum of services to choose from. What are some of the benefits that a thorough prepaid funeral plans comparison will offer you and your loved ones?

Avoiding the Scams

Recent news stories have uncovered the shameful fact that there are a number of firms which have actually taken advantage of the older generation. By making hollow promises and through the use of sales-laden smoke and mirrors, some individuals have been deprived of thousands of pounds or more for a plan that never even existed. So, it is clear that a robust amount of research needs to take place to avoid such dire scenarios. Silver Choices has compiled a list of only the most reputable providers. Therefore, you can rest easy in knowing that you are dealing with the best in the business.

A Small Figure Can Make a Big Difference

Let us imagine that two funeral insurance providers offer a difference of only ten pounds each month (in regards to the premiums). Although this may not sound like very much, let’s not forget that this equates to 120 pounds a year. On a 20-year plan, the ultimate sum is 2,400 pounds extra. Knowing how each company “stacks up” to the rest can help you to decide upon whether those mere ten pounds are worth the eventual price that will be paid.

The Advantage of Flexibility

Perhaps you wish to be cremated. You could have very specific ideas for your funeral that you and your family have agreed upon. Why wait until the last minute and potentially be deprived of your final wishes. A prepaid funeral plans comparison is able to clarify which providers offer which services. There will be no unpleasant surprises and perhaps more importantly, you can choose the package that is most aptly suited for your needs. There are naturally many other factors to consider. Some you may already be familiar with while others could come as a surprise. So, stay informed by keeping up to date with our comprehensive blog. You will find all of the latest news, tips and advice to aid you in the overall process. With the use of the Internet and our portal, it is simple to compare all of the most respected funeral plans. Copyrighted © 2021- All Rights Reserved.