The Benefits Of Prepaid Funeral Plans To Protect Your Loved Ones

Choosing the Best Prepaid Funeral Plans – All UK Funeral Plans Comparisons


Comparing UK Funeral Plans To Secure Your Best Plan!



Compare The Market Funeral Plans Comparisons


In the UK there are many funeral plan providers all offering, what are actually very similar funeral plans. Making comparisons of funeral plans to find the best one to suit an individuals needs can be somewhat daunting, which is why we’ve done the job for you.


The table below looks at the majority of funeral plans on offer in the compares them by price and if you would like to look deeper into each of the plans, simply click on the “Review Funeral Plans” button or click on “Get My Comparisons” at the bottom of the table, then complete the form and we will do the work for you and send you a personalised presentation pack detailing the current best buy plans that meet your needs.


Funeral Plan Comparisons Of These UK Plan Providers…


  • Golden Charter
  • SafeHands (Silver Choices UK Exclusives)


  • Co op Funeral Plans
  • Liverpool Victoria


  • Liberty
  • Perfect Choice


  • Avalon
  • Golden Leaves


  • Dignity Funeral Plans
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