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Smart as Opposed to Hard: Comparing Funeral Plans

It was reported in The Telegraph that the average cost of a BASIC funeral falls between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds. There are two problems with this estimate. Firstly, many feel that this figure is more on the order of 5,000 pounds in 2015. Secondly, these prices do not take into account other metrics such as flowers, funeral director costs, the rental of a venue and any transportation needs. So, it is clear that there is a wide spectrum of services to choose from. What are some of the benefits that a thorough prepaid funeral plans comparison will offer you and your loved ones?

Avoiding the Scams

Recent news stories have uncovered the shameful fact that there are a number of firms which have actually taken advantage of the older generation. By making hollow promises and through the use of sales-laden smoke and mirrors, some individuals have been deprived of thousands of pounds or more for a plan that never even existed. So, it is clear that a robust amount of research needs to take place to avoid such dire scenarios. Silver Choices has compiled a list of only the most reputable providers. Therefore, you can rest easy in knowing that you are dealing with the best in the business.

A Small Figure Can Make a Big Difference

Let us imagine that two funeral insurance providers offer a difference of only ten pounds each month (in regards to the premiums). Although this may not sound like very much, let’s not forget that this equates to 120 pounds a year. On a 20-year plan, the ultimate sum is 2,400 pounds extra. Knowing how each company “stacks up” to the rest can help you to decide upon whether those mere ten pounds are worth the eventual price that will be paid.

The Advantage of Flexibility

Perhaps you wish to be cremated. You could have very specific ideas for your funeral that you and your family have agreed upon. Why wait until the last minute and potentially be deprived of your final wishes. A prepaid funeral plans comparison is able to clarify which providers offer which services. There will be no unpleasant surprises and perhaps more importantly, you can choose the package that is most aptly suited for your needs. There are naturally many other factors to consider. Some you may already be familiar with while others could come as a surprise. So, stay informed by keeping up to date with our comprehensive blog. You will find all of the latest news, tips and advice to aid you in the overall process. With the use of the Internet and our portal, it is simple to compare all of the most respected funeral plans. Copyrighted © 2021- All Rights Reserved.